What makes Camp Oceanwild unique is a destination is the range of wildlife viewing opportunities, the spectacular scenery and range of wilderness activities it offers. For those looking for outstanding nature and outdoor experiences in rustic comfort, the Camp Oceanwild experience is perfect. Bring your clothes and your camera, and make Camp Oceanwild the base for a spectacular wilderness vacation.

Abundant food sources make the Work Channel area a virtual hub of wildlife activity. In addition to harbour seals, sea lions, orca and humpback whales, moose, wolves, black and grizzly bears, eagles, migrating owls, grouse, shorebirds, geese, harlequin ducks, and kingfishers also appear. It is not unusual for curious humpbacks to approach within feet of the dock, or to see other land and sea mammals from your window.

From early spring to late fall you can witness Nature's ever changing seasonal events. It begins with spawning herring that attract roving orcas who come to feast in early spring, followed by bear mothers teaching young cubs to forage on beach. Salmon begin to their annual return and humpbacks arrive to lunge and bubble net feed and coastal beaches are cloaked in beautiful wildflowers and seaweeds.

These events are set against one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the world. You are sure to be inspired by the sheer granite walls that tower over the fjord and you will forever remember the sounds of nature: whales spouting, bears snuffling, fish jumping, and eagles screeching. And finally, you'll recall the air: clean, salty and nothing short of wonderful.

At Camp Oceanwild, we will tailor-make your wilderness vacation experience to best suit your preferences and your schedule. Tell us when you want to visit, how long you want to stay, choose the excursions you want to include and let us know if you want to fly in or travel in by boat. We've put together a 4 day/3 night sample package (see sidebar) to give you an idea of the programs we offer.

The excursions and activities will be timed to take best advantage of opportunities. All activities will be paced to suit your group and are subject to weather and tidal conditions. You may wish to leave time in your itinerary for quiet contemplation, or add supplementary activities, like shore hikes, birding, snorkeling, diving or underwater photography.

Camp Oceanwild for Boaters

Situated in the heart of whale feeding and salmon grounds, Camp Oceanwild offers accommodations, boat moorage, showers, and other services at the confluence of Work Channel and Portland Inlet. The floating camp is comprised of a variety of facilities including cabins, bunkhouse, barge, and live-aboard and offers a range of services to wilderness travelers.

What makes the camp so special is its location: the waters are filled in phytoplankton that attract feeding krill, herring, salmon, and whales and the return of spawning salmon rounds out the nourishing environment for both land and sea mammals, resulting in some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities on the entire coast.

Oceanwild's comfortable camp is anchored in a sheltered bay, accessible by a stunning 30-minute flight from Prince Rupert or a 15 minute boat ride from Lax Kw'alaams/Port Simpson.

Kayakers and Sportsfishers

Camp Oceanwild is an ideal base for kayakers and sportsfishers. It offers comfortable overnight accommodation and cooking and shower facilities, along with ice, freezer, a fish cleaning table and crab cooker. Visitors are welcomed in the camp's overnight facilities, and boaters can tie up at the dock. For rates please see the sidebar.

A special note to fishers: for those with their own salt water gear, be sure to ask about Oceanwild's boat-only charters.

Flying to Camp Oceanwild

For many, no trip to the coast is complete without a ride in a seaplane. The flight to Camp Oceanwild is, quite simply, spectacular. You will fly by floatplane from Prince Rupert's Seal Cove seaplane base, over some of the most spectacular terrain on the face of the planet. There are two routes in: by mountain or by sea. Either way, your transfer will feel like a flight seeing excursion. The mountain route will take you over the rugged peaks of Canada's youngest mountains, the Coast Range. Here you will see steep glacial-carved valleys and the sheer granite walls of ocean fjords. The ocean route is also remarkable, following the coastline past tiny pocket peaches and windswept islands. Depending on season, you may see fishing boats, cruise ships or even marine mammals. You may wish to fly both ways, or travel one way by boat and the other by air. For information on departure times and rates, contact our preferred partner, Inland Air at 250-624-2577 or visit http://inlandair.bc.ca.