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Learn to SCUBA Dive with Oceanwild

Learn to dive with professional diver and PADI Master Dive Instructor Almudena Miles. From your poolside introduction and your first open water dive, through to advanced specialty dive courses, she will teach you the skills you need to dive safely. Also a biologist, she generously shares the considerable knowledge she has gathered from years of marine research, diving and experience.

Oceanwild offers the following SCUBA Diving Courses:

Specialty Diver Courses:

What's required for PADI Certification?

There are two components to all PADI diving courses:

  • the self-directed knowledge component where you read and watch video clips to familiarize yourself
  • the practice component where you implement what you have learned by diving in the company of a certified PADI instructor

You may study the knowledge component through PADI's eLearning course on line, or simply attend classroom training with PADI Master Dive Instructor Almudena Miles. For information on PADI's eLearning program, visit To sign-on for an Oceanwild course, please contact us.

After you register with Oceanwild, you receive your study materials and assignment. Once you have completed the Open Water certification, you will receive your PADI card and will then be able to purchase a tank of compressed air for diving anywhere in the world.

Where do Oceanwild PADI courses take place?

Oceanwild is headquartered in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. The Oceanwild Dive Shop is located on the waterfront, in the Cow Bay district. The dive resort, Camp Oceanwild, is situated in Work Channel, an ocean fjord north of Prince Rupert. Classroom training takes place in Prince Rupert; select clinics may be based at the camp. The entire Discover Scuba course and the first segment of the Open Water Dive course are held in the indoor pool at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre in Prince Rupert. BC. After skills are perfected in the safety of the pool, your ocean dives begin. All Oceanwild dives are made from a boat; there are no shore dives.

About Oceanwild Courses

Courses generally span two weekends. When you pre-register you will receive your PADI training manual, study assignment and additional instructions. Oceanwild requires a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 people to conduct a class.

Scheduled Classes

Oceanwild diving classes are offered from September to April. Oceanwild sets a schedule for standard course offerings. When minimums are met, the course goes ahead on the published date.

On-demand courses

Oceanwild also maintains an on-demand list for those wanting courses not on the standard schedule. When minimums are met, the course goes ahead. Some conditions may apply. To find out what is pending, please Contact Oceanwild.

What's included?

While Oceanwild can provide all the gear you need, it is recommended you provide your own personal equipment. Personal gear includes fins, mask and regulator and the intent is that you become accustomed to your own equipment from the start, because an important factor in safe, skillful diving is knowing your gear.

All PADI diving manuals and needed training materials are included. After certification, many divers find the manuals and materials to be a great reference source.

Some courses require specific accessories. They are not included in course registration fees.

All course fees (except Discover Scuba) include:

  • the PADI dive manual designed for the course
  • any required training materials needed for the course
  • PADI certification fees
  • instruction with PADI Master Dive Instructor Almudena Miles
  • all air fills
  • dry suits

Oceanwild bonus extras

Because all of Oceanwild dives are made from a boat, when you successfully complete the required Advanced Open Water Diver instruction you will also have completed the required number of dives, and will also receive your PADI Boat Dive certification. Oceanwild also offers a bonus, 'just for fun' dive to course participants taking the Advanced Open Water Diver course.